Hi! I'm Alexa, the cook, writer and photographer behind this blog. I'm a strange breed of midwestern and southern, raised in Ohio, Alabama, and Kentucky, but I now call a quiet street in Brooklyn home. I'm very much into crunchy quick-pickled vegetables, eating peanut butter from the jar, finding the perfect cheese-jam-mustard-cracker pairings, stone fruit season, soft boiled eggs, and vanilla ice cream. I am never very far from a glass of rosé. When I'm not behind the stove or lens, I can usually be found promoting healthy school food and farm to school efforts around the country, browsing cookbooks and farmers markets for inspiration, or putzing around my neighborhood with my sweetheart, Grayson, and the best dog who's ever lived, Orson. 


In a nutshell, my mission statement for this space goes a little something like this: 

When I was 20, I started shopping at a farmers market. I was recovering from an eating disorder, and I felt really lost at first. Even though I'd grown up in a family that valued health and sharing meals, I had no idea what to do with the majority of the vegetables I found at the market. Farmers were readily willing to offer me advice about how to cook what was on their tables, so I bought vegetables I'd never seen before and started experimenting, free of recipes or restrictions. Very quickly, cooking became a creative outlet for me and the market was an endless source of inspiration. I found myself waking up with the sun to beat the crowds and score the first strawberries of the season. I started spending weekends canning 40 pounds of tomatoes, just so I could savor their flavor a little longer. I even tried my hand at growing my own food: I planted my first small garden in a long wooden planter on my front porch. When I pulled a radish out of the soil for the first time, I felt with stunning clarity that food had something to teach me, and I was ready to listen.

Around this same time, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life career-wise, and the only thing I knew was whatever I did, it had to involve food. My heart was at the market, in the garden, and in the kitchen. Fast forward a few years, and I'd landed myself a gig managing the same market that changed the course of my life. I've since spent the better part of a decade working alongside farmers and food advocates, in pursuit of a healthy, sustainable, and just food system for all. 

All this is to say, this blog is a place where I come to write, primarily about food and cooking, but also about the stories and memories that leave me feeling full and inspired. 

The recipes you'll find on this blog are simple, seasonal, mostly plant-based, and feature real, whole ingredients, grown with integrity by local farmers. My food philosophy is about enjoying food for more than its caloric value, and the diet that I follow does not involve sacrifice, deprivation or labels – so you won't find any of that here either. The writing you'll find here tends to get a little political, and that's because you can't talk about food, the people who produce it, the places where it's grown, or the people who eat it, without talking about politics. 

Thanks for stopping by.

The words, views, images and recipes found on The Best Bite of the Plum are my story, and are owned by me, though occasionally, my husband gets behind the lens. If you'd like to redistribute, please contact me first. Thanks!